Thursday, April 3, 2008

Memories from the February 2008 Trip

My favorite memories of the February 2008 trip - singing songs by candle light after dinner with the neighborhood children, waking and going to bed with the sun, tortillas and beans and rice, dark chocolate M and M's after a week and half on the mountain, the views, the sun in February, focusing on other people's needs, the camaraderie, the Slaughter House Six, sharing talking and being comfortable being silent with people I hadn't known a week earlier, Salvavidas on the beach, being able to help people with Spanish despite what I've lost over the years, walking as my main mode of transportation, and of course the people - fellow volunteers and all the members of the tribe I was privileged to meet.

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litoguti said...

Good job Kathy! As while in Honduras, you continue to enhance everyone's experience by your dedication to the effort. Thanks.